Old meet new. Inspired by a love of words, strong ideas and meticulous craftsmanship, we create contemporary typographic design using the age-old process of letterpress. Using only wood and metal type printed at a wonderfully sedate pace, by hand, we produce bespoke books and occasional newspapers, limited edition prints and typographic artwork, posters and packaging.



Like most crafts, letterpress is slow and messy. It's the opposite of the clean, pixel-perfect immediacy of computers. We like that. It’s not that dusty old stuff or nostalgia floats our boat particularly, it’s more about how we can create something new from this enduring process that gets us going. It’s an escape from the digital age, where we swap shiny cold digital precision for shiny hot-metal type and precision proofing presses. . 

Currently in the workshop, we have six vintage printing presses, ranging from small Victorian cast iron hand presses to much larger precision proofing presses. On these we print with an ever-growing collection of wood and metal type – some freshly cast, while others are wonderfully old, un-digitised faces. 

In the spirit of the private press tradition, we print for pleasure. Most of our print work is self-initiated, but we do like to collaborate with writers, designers and other interesting sorts. And we also enjoy sharing the craft of letterpress with others through introduction workshops for agencies and design teams. 

Outside of the workshop, we run Counter Studio – a brand and design consultancy that has the same meticulous attention to craft and thoughtful approach to design, but uses more modern means (most of the time). If you have a project you’d like to work with us on, why not drop us a line at hello@counterstudio.co.uk.


Collaborators —

Design Bridge
Derwent, London

L'Atypique Cidre
MidCentury Modern Magazine
Royal College of Art
Secret 7"
St Bride Library

Type Archive

Talks —

St Bride Memorial Lecture
Glug Birmingham
Oxford Guild of Printers
Leeds Print Festival

In the press —

Creative Boom
Creative Review
Design Week

It's Nice That
People of Print
Type Token
Under Consideration

In print —

Nice to Meet You, Victionary
People of Print, Issue 1
Typograph: Journal Vol. 1
YCN Annual 2015